Gray Blossom Stitch Towel



Using colors drawn from nature, these towels combine two contrasting elements. Using ultra soft cotton for a softness that is unlike any other. 

Our Towels are all made by us in Imabari, Japan.  Known around the world as Japan’s best towel production area. Because of the Imabari region’s rich nature, especially its abundant soft water that has very small amounts of heavy metals, these towels have a delicate and soft hand and natural touch while keeping colors vibrant.

Incredible Water Absorbance

Our Towels have passed a strict quality inspection test to meet the standards of the Imabari region. Meaning that each towel is tested by putting it in water and mandating that the towel must sink within 5 seconds of placement. This allows our towels to not only absorb water quickly, but to ensure your skin is left dry.

100% Cotton.  Made in Japan.


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