At Maple & Moon we take great care in selecting the elements that go into our product, not just in the raw Materials we use but the places that they come. Here are some examples of the elements our products are made from.


Produced in method that has been perfected over more than 100 years. The region where these towels come from is as special as the towels themselves. Using water from a mountain range that is blessed with soft water allowing for very little content of heavy metals. This is the base element that allows these towels to have a delicate and soft hand and incredible touch. This also allows for colors to remain vibrant. In addition to the wonderful feel, these towels also meet the standards of the Imabari region. Meaning that each towel is tested by putting it in water and mandating that the towel must sink within 5 seconds of placement.

This technique is called the precipitation method. By testing the towels ability to absorb water in this Fashion, this allows the finished product to not only Absorb water quickly, but creating a construction that Ensures your skin is left feeling dry with no residue.


A key element in our incredibly soft and comfy blankets is tencel. This material used in the perfect balance with other elements creates what we think is one of the worlds most perfect blankets. Tencel is made from Eucalyptus trees which are a sustainable resource, as they regenerate quickly and do not require perfect soil conditions.


TENCEL™ is softer than silk and cooler than linen. It possesses perfect moisture management. The higher the moisture absorption the drier the sleeping environment.

TENCEL™ absorbs 70% more moisture than other materials and then quickly releases it to provide the perfect dry sleeping environment. This property of the fiber reduces bacterial growth without the addition of chemicals (it is nearly impossible for bacteria to grow on the fiber).

TENCEL ™ is naturally hypoallergenic, in addition, it does not generate static charge; therefore, dust and other particles do not cling to the fiber giving it additional hypoallergenic qualities.

TENCEL™, by Lenzing, adheres to much stricter standards and uses very few chemicals compared to the product of rayon, bamboo and many other fibers. In fact, only one non-toxic organic compound is used in our eco-friendly closed loop production cycle. Even though TENCEL™is a natural fiber it is still easily machine washable. A great property of TENCEL™ is that it actually gets softer the more you wash it; it also does not pill as much as other materials Lenzing's TENCEL™ closed loop production is revolutionary. The solvent spinning production process allows for a unique closed loop production where the solvent used is recycled by almost 100%. This production cycle is not only safe, but extremely eco-friendly.